Visit of our Virtual Reality Lab by Stéphanie Obertin, Minister of Research and Higher education

On Thursday, December 14, 2023, the Minister for Research and Higher Education, Stéphanie Obertin, visited the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER).  After a short introduction to the FragMent project and the challenges around building healthier cities to promote population health, she joined us for a Virtual Reality experience. Using a 360° treadmill, the minister … Read more

Citizen focus groups on urban stress!

From June 8 to 30, 2023, we held 7 focus groups on stress. 32 residents of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, aged between 18 and 65, joined us at Belval to take part in our study.   Through various workshops, we discussed individual reactions to stress and identified stress factors in an urban environment. We … Read more

Virtual vs. Real Environments: What impact on our emotions and behavior?

Is virtual reality a relevant technology for studying the effects of urban environments on population stress?  The FragMent team thinks so! Virtual reality can be used to model computer-simulated environments with high immersive potential for participants, while at the same time being highly realistic. To confirm this, the FragMent team carried out an initial virtual … Read more

Listen to our SciLux Podcast on Urban Health!

Dr. Camille Perchoux, principal investigator of the FragMent project, was invited by SciLux to discuss how environments affects health, particularly stress. We discuss what health geography is, what makes Luxembourg unique in urban health research, and the specific effects of green spaces and urban density on the health of Grand Duchy residents.   Listen to … Read more

Launch of the FragMent project

Launch of the FragMent project!  Funded by the European Commission over a 5-year period (October 2022 – September 2027), FragMent aims to gain a better understanding of the environmental determinants of momentary, daily and chronic stress in the population living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.   According to the Stress Restorative Theory, natural environments … Read more