The Studies

Stress is a complex phenomenon. We use innovative approaches to identify stress in your daily life: an immersive walk in a virtual city, a national survey where we detect stress in your voice, and participatory and citizen-based workshops! 

Follow our work and actively participate by joining the FragMent study!

A participatory and citizen-based research!

To respond to the concerns of citizens, urban planners and political actors to design healthy cities, FragMent offers participatory workshops with representatives of civil society, political actors and scientists. The aim of these workshops is to reach a common definition of the elements of cities that fuel the stress of Luxembourg residents.

We complement this approach with focus group discussions with citizens about your practices and experiences of the city, as well as the stressful and relaxing emotions associated with them.

A national survey: Your voice matters more than you think!

We are asking for your participation in a major national survey using innovative data collection tools. Did you know that the characteristics of your voice change with your stress levels? Speak to us directly in the smartphone, and help us to identify the stress in your voice! You will also be able to report real-time information on your environment and your momentary feeling of stress. Finally, you will be able to complete questionnaires with interactive maps to better describe your environment and your daily activities. This will allow the FragMent team to better understand the environmental stressors of your daily life

A visit in a Virtual city

Find us in Esch-Belval in our Virtual Reality laboratory! Through different computer-simulated environments, you walk safely in a virtual city whose streets change with your steps. Here, virtual reality allows us to test the effects of different environments on your perceptions and emotions!